Testing and Deployment

This activity defines the Testing and Deployment Plan. The Detailed Test Plan express the plan, roles and responsibilities, schedule, and entry and exit criteria for each of the suitable testing phases a Functional, System Integration, User Acceptance Testing, PVT and UAT. Web Revolution offers ecommerce web solutions which covers Ecommerce Web Application Development, Ecommerce Website design, ecommerce web development, ecommerce shopping cart development, ecommerce web site design, ecommerce template design services at ecommerce companies, eCommerce web design india, ecommerce application development India. Hire ecommerce web designers, ecommerce web developers, eCommerce Websites SEO

The objectives of testing the deployment scenario are as follows:

  • To measure the scalability and stability of the system.
  • To measure the performance rates, such as discovery rate, trap processing rate, and data collection rate.
  • To identify issues pro-actively that would occur in the deployment site, etc.

Some of key factors of Testing and Deployment:

  • Measuring the Server's Performance
  • Measuring Data Collection Rates
  • Measuring Processing Rates of Network Notification
  • Measuring the Discovery Rate
  • Measuring the Failover Time
  • Measuring the Client's Performance
  • Client Loading Time
  • Latency Period
  • Request Processing Time
  • Testing for Out of Memory

The Detailed Test Plan identifies all the test scenarios that are to be executed as part of relevant testing stage. Deployment Plans define how software will be implemented into a production environment.